Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brow Pen Tint

Seems like Brow expert Anastasia and Laura Gellar have both released similar products at the same time, Brow Pens with a soft felt tip, much like felt tip eyeliners. After finding out about the new brow pen by Anastasia I went to Sephora to try it out. Her pen only comes in one shade, a universal brow shade. At $21 it claims to be long lasting and water resistant until removed with make up remover, and most importantly natural looking. As I was applying it to my brows the color did not blend in. I found the color to have too much red in it and my brows didn't look natural. I assume it would look better on someone with actual brown eyebrows so that the color would camouflage. I haven't tried Laura Gellar's pen yet since it is only available online at QVC at a special into price of $19.98 (orig $22) and won't be appearing in stores until Jan 2009. Her pens offer more color selection: taupe, brown, and dark brown. And this pen's formula claims to do the things Anastasia's does. I wonder if these shades will look better on me. Has anyone tried it yet? I highly recommend you check out QVC because they have videos by the product's creator on how to use them from brands like bobbi brown, smashbox, bare escentuals, laura gellar, and there are also reviews.

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